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How to Customize Your Train Vacation

Create your perfect train vacation from start to finish with our customization options. Customizing your train vacation gives you the ability to build the exact journey you want (and nothing you don’t).

Want to take an iconic, luxury train? What about enjoying a cooking class in Paris before moving on to a romantic weekend in Venice? Interested in adding on a pre- or post-river cruise in Norway? It’s up to you.

Choose from any or all of our customization options to make your train vacation uniquely yours.

Any of the customization options below can be added to the beginning, middle or end of your trip!

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Vacation Your Own

1. Travel Onboard an Iconic Train

The journey matters as much as the destination when you travel onboard an iconic or luxury train. Whether it be the Bernina or Glacier Express in Switzerland, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express from London to Venice, the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Banff in Canada, or the Jacobite Train in Scotland, you’re in for quite the ride.

2. Add Extra Nights in Any Destination

Each destination offers a little something unique, from local cuisine to breathtaking landscapes to crowd-pleasing attractions. Choose your preferred length of stay in any destination we offer.

3. Take a Roundtrip Journey or Experience a Trip in Reverse

Are you interested in beginning and ending your journey in the same city? It’s the best way to maximize your sightseeing time. We also offer all our packages in reverse. West to east or east to west? Clockwise or counterclockwise? It’s up to you! You can choose to reverse the order of all train routes, station stops, and destinations of an itinerary.

4. Combine Set Itineraries or Create Your Very Own

Let’s say you’re interested in booking one of our most popular packages, such as the Classic Glacier and Bernina Express in Switzerland. Did you know that you can combine that trip with another to increase the sights you’ll see, the onboard experiences, and the memories you’ll make? Browse through any of our suggested itineraries or create your very own from scratch!

5. Handpick Your Hotels, Sightseeing, Restaurants and More

We want to make sure you get exactly what you want, whether it’s a boutique hotel, a special kind of restaurant, an exciting museum tour, or a once-in-a-lifetime, off-the-beaten-path experience. Quite simply, we’ll help you carefully design an authentic train vacation that works with your budget to maximize your free time and take you off the traditional tourist track.

6. Book a Pre or Post River Cruise

With pre and post river cruises, travelers have the opportunity to extend their train vacation with a river cruise before or after their rail adventure. We offer an appealing selection of pre- and post-river cruises throughout Europe. Choose from exploring the magical fjords of Norway, the famed lakes of Switzerland, and the bustling city centers of Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, and Budapest.

7. Include a Getaway or Excursion Onto Your Trip

Seamlessly add on a getaway or excursion to your trip to enhance your train vacation. Some travelers allow for extra time to explore a city already on their itinerary in greater depth, while others opt to add on a destination they’ve never been to. Optional excursions allow you to add something special to your travel experience. Book a day trip to one of Switzerland’s mountain peaks or add an unforgettable visit to a glacier during your journey to the Canadian Rockies. Both getaways and excursions can be added on at the beginning, middle, and end of your train vacation.