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Glacier Express

One of Switzerland’s most scenic rail journeys, the Glacier Express’ reputation no doubt precedes it. Connecting Zermatt, nestled peacefully in the shadow of the Matterhorn, and resort-town-extraordinaire St Moritz, the train rolls at a remarkable 24 miles per hour, giving you ample time to soak up the views from the panoramic windows. Following the relaunch of the Excellence Class cars in 2019, the newly renovated 1st and 2nd class panoramic cars also leave nothing to be desired.

Train staff serve onboard customers with drinks in luxurious carriage
Exterior view of Glacier Express on route in snow
Inside an empty luxury train carriage
Glacier Express
Train travellers look out of the window and the snowy Alpine scenery
A Train travels over the Landwasser viaduct in Switzerland
A train travels through lush swiss countryside
A couple gaze out of the train window travelling through Switzerland
A train travels over a small river in Switzerland

Classes of Accommodation

Excellence Class: the most sought-after seats in Switzerland

A panoramic trip through the Swiss Alps aboard the Glacier Express is now even more spectacular. The new Excellence Class sets standards that are as high as the mountain peaks along the legendary route.

Glacier Express Excellence Class: the most sought-after seats in Switzerland

First Class

First Class seats onboard the Glacier Express are configured in a two-by-one arrangement across the aisle. This means that opposite every table for four is a table for two, allowing for more seating options. As there are fewer seats, they are slightly larger, with more leg and elbow room as well as more space for luggage storage. Once again, all of the seats line up perfectly next to the large panoramic windows, to really maximise the views of the stunning Swiss scenery. As with Standard Class, passengers will be offered a meal and drinks at their seat and can choose from both a set menu and à  la carte dining options.

Glacier Express First Class

Standard Class

Standard class seating on the Glacier Express is arranged two by two across the aisle, all seats are configured as part of a table for four people. All seats line up perfectly with the large panoramic windows, meaning that there is a perfect view of the stunning scenery that is an integral part of the journey onboard “the slowest express train in the world”. Standard Class passengers will be offered a meal and drinks at their seat and can choose from both a set menu and à  la carte dining options.

Glacier Express Standard Class

Glacier Express Gallery

Dining in Excellence Class


A five-course menu and the Glacier Bar for an aperitif

Along the way, you will be served a refined regional 5-course menu with accompanying wines. For an aperitif, some delicious cocktail or to exchange with fellow travelers the Glacier Bar is the perfect place to visit. Thanks to the compass on the ceiling none of the many turns will be missed.

Concierge and Infotainment aboard

During the entire journey, you will be taken care of by a concierge. Be it with culinary delights, answers to personal concerns, or exciting anecdotes and information about nature, culture, and people along the journey.

Coach & Services:

Lounge seating with guaranteed window seat

  • exclusive access to the Glacier Bar
  • Tablet with Bordinfotainment
  • Concierge as host in the Excellence Class
  • Welcome-Desk & personal check-in on the platform
  • Luggage transport in dedicated lockable sections aboard

  • Coffee, juice, champagne & brioche
  • Apéritif & amuse-bouche
  • Seasonal, regional 5-course menu incl. wine accompaniment
  • Coffee & digestif with a coffret of chocolates
  • Tea Time in the afternoon with goodies
  • Soft drinks & fruit juices
  • Snacks throughout the day available

Standard Class & First-Class passengers will be offered a meal and drinks at their seat and can choose from both a set menu and à  la carte dining options.


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