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Alaska Railroad

Enjoy Alaska’s backcountry from the comfort of a railcar, complete with comfortable seats, large picture windows, and onboard dining. The Alaskan railroad travels through or near some amazing scenery, including national parks, fjords, ancient geology and you may even get to experience the Aurora Borealis.


Classes of Accommodation

GoldStar service is, without doubt, the premium option available on the Alaska Railroad.

There are large panoramic windows which reach all the way up to the ceiling to provide the perfect way to enjoy Alaska’s stunning scenery in maximum comfort. In addition, guests can use an outdoor, upper-level viewing platform which is perfect for taking photos and videos in the open air. There is a full dining room service on the lower level, and GoldStar passengers can enjoy complimentary meals, soft drinks, and two adult beverages for all those over the age of 21. There is a private car as well as an Alaskan Tour guide providing narration during the journey.

Dome Ceiling in GoldStar Service onboard the Alaska Railroad

Adventure Class

Adventure Class on the Alaska Railroad offers comfortable seating with large windows to admire the passing scenery. All seats face the direction of travel . In Summer, guests have access to the open seating area in the Vista Dome car.

Food and drinks can be purchased at the onboard Wilderness Café.

Dome Ceiling in Adventure Class onboard the Alaska Railroad
Seating in Adventure Class onboard the Alaska Railroad

Dining Onboard the Alaska Railroad


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