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Common Questions We're Asked:

Once you book with your deposit or full payment, a confirmation email and invoice will be sent to your email within 24 hours. After we receive full payment, your travel documents will be sent to you by email 14-21 days prior to your departure with Railbookers. If you booked within 21 days of travel, please keep in mind that you will receive your documentation closer to your departure date.

*Please Note: Select rail services are only provided as paper documents. In that case, we will send them to you by mail in addition to your electronic vouchers.

You certainly can. We know that many of our customers like to upgrade some or all of their train journeys to first-class. Upgrading will give you a larger seat, more legroom and even a meal and drinks on certain routes. To find out more information, please speak with one of our Rail Experts who will tell you the advantages of first-class on your specific route.

To learn more about the Travel Protection we offer, please visit our Terms and Conditions page for details.

Meal service and food options will vary from train to train across Europe but typically there will usually be a Cafe car attached to each train where you can purchase meals. Some trains do offer food included with your upgraded ticket, but this is not always the case.  Of course, passengers in all classes of service are welcome to bring their own food onboard. Some examples where food is included with a first-class ticket include traveling on Eurostar where the Standard Premier and Business Premier options do have included meals. First-Class service on many trains in Italy includes a welcome drink and snack, or check-out the exclusive Executive Class for a full meal. Overnight trains in North America like Amtrak and VIA Rail have meals included with their sleeper compartments. Perhaps most impressive, upgrading to Excellence Class on the Glacier Express will include a 5-course feast!

From Crossing Platforms to Changing Stations, View all You Need to Know About Train Changes in the EU:

If you’re headed across Europe by train, it’s likely you’ll have to change trains!  Changing trains is easy, and will usually just require a quick hop across platforms. When you book a vacation with Railbookers, we will always make sure you have time to comfortably make the connections between your trains. Changes of trains aren’t difficult, and will normally just be from one platform to another, although occasionally a city will have two or more stations and a station change may be needed. Speak to us about organizing transfers between stations, or ask one of our Rail Experts for details on directions.


Wondering what to expect at the train station as you start and continue your adventure? Train stations in Europe range from ornately sculpted, historical caverns to ultra-modern, “destination stations” of enormous scale. In many cases, the station will be your first taste of a city and the beginning of your adventure. Arrivals and departures will be clearly signaled on large boards in the station’s main concourse, and you should be able to find your train number and platform easily.

First-Class Lounges at Stations in Europe:

Larger stations across Europe will often have lounges available for first-class ticket holders. Facilities will vary, but you will invariably be greeted with a quiet, peaceful place to wait for your train. Some lounges also offer beverages and free Wi-Fi internet access. One of our Rail Experts will be able to advise you of the facilities available on your vacation.

Passport, Visa, and Insurance Requirements:

Before you depart on your Railbookers vacation, please ensure you have satisfied your destination’s passport and visa requirements. All passengers, including infants, are required to have a valid passport. Please check your documents to ensure all passports and visas are valid prior to purchasing your tickets. If your passport is in your maiden name, this should not normally cause any difficulties, but please take a copy of your marriage certificate with you when you travel.

For information relating to visa requirements, please refer to the relevant embassy:

For information relating to visa requirements, please refer to the relevant embassy. Some are listed below.

French Embassy – tel: 020 073 1200

Italian Embassy – tel 020 7312 2200

Belgian Embassy – tel: 020 7470 3700

The Netherlands
Dutch Embassy tel: – 207 590 3200

German Embassy tel: 020 7824 1300

Swiss Embassy – tel: 020 7616 6000

US Embassy – tel: 020 7499 9000

Canadian Embassy – tel: 0207 004 6000


It is a condition of booking with Railbookers that you have sufficient travel insurance to cover your trip.
If you have any further questions regarding ID requirements or insurance, please contact one of our Rail Experts on 1-888-829-3040.

All passenger first and last names, and all dates of birth, are required at the time of booking. Certain train providers will require passport information.

Before you depart on your trip, prepare for a hassle-free experience by knowing how to pack smartly. There are no weight limits when it comes to your luggage, but just keep in mind that where you go, your luggage goes. Just because traveling by train means you get to bypass the luggage restrictions of airlines, it doesn’t mean you should overpack.

The reality is that you’ll probably be hopping on and off trains regularly. And you’ll walk with whatever luggage you choose to bring more than you think you will. The lighter the better. Also, it’s important to make sure you check your luggage allowances with your airline if you plan on flying at any time during your train vacation.

Trains in Europe

With the exception of Eurostar between London, France, and Belgium, there are no size or weight restrictions when it comes to luggage on European trains. However, your luggage is your responsibility. You will need to be able to carry and store your luggage and it must feature luggage tags with your contact information.

During your journey, your luggage will either be safely stored above you in a luggage rack or at the end of your train car. Unless you check your bags, you’ll be able to access them during your trip as needed. Many train stations in Europe have self-service luggage carts that you can use to transport what you’ve brought with you through the station. As for porter services, only a few stations in Europe offer them.


If your vacation includes a trip onboard Eurostar, there are no weight restrictions or liquid restrictions for your bags. But they will be scanned before you board the train as part of the 30-minute check-in process.

Adult passengers are entitled to two large pieces of luggage plus one piece of hand luggage.

Child passengers are entitled to one large piece of luggage plus one piece of hand luggage.

Business Premiere passengers are entitled to bring three large pieces of luggage on board plus one piece of hand luggage.

What qualifies as a large piece of luggage? Rucksacks, suitcases, and ski equipment that measure up to 85cm. Handbags, laptops, briefcases, backpacks, and smaller bags are allowed to be carried on as hand luggage. At every Eurostar terminal, luggage trolleys are available if needed.

Trains in the U.S.

When traveling on board Amtrak® trains throughout the United States, each passenger is allowed to carry two bags, each weighing up to 50lbs (22.6 kg) and measuring less than 28″ x 22″ x 14″ each (with the exception of the Pacific Surfliner®, Capitol Corridor®, and San Joaquin® trains, where bags must measure less than 28″ x 22″ x 11″).

You will also be able to carry small bags or handbags (no larger than 12″ x 12″ x 12″) and medication separately to this allowance. Items are stored in overhead luggage racks or rails at the end of carriages.

Some trains offer a checked baggage service. You may check up to four bags — two for free and two paid. Please speak with our Rail Experts for more information regarding checking your bags for your journey.

Trains in Canada

VIA Rail:

Economy Class passengers are entitled to one personal item (max. 25 lbs. and 17 x 6 x 13 in.) and one large item (max. 50 lbs. (22.6 kg) and 62 linear inches) or two small items (max. 25 lbs. each and 21.5 x 15.5 x 9 in.) each. Additional carry-on items: One additional item up to 50 lbs. is allowed, for a fee of $40 (per direction, tax included).

Business Class passengers are entitled to one personal item (max. 25 lbs. and 17 x 6 x 13 in.) and two large items (max. 50 lbs. and 62 linear in.) each. One additional item up to 50 lbs. (22.6 kg) is allowed, for a fee of $40 (per direction, tax included).

Sleeper Plus / Prestige Class passengers are entitled to one personal item (max. 25 lbs. and 17 x 6 x 13 in.) and two small items per cabin (max. 25 lbs. and 21.5 x 15.5 x 9 in.) each. No additional carry-on items are allowed. Additional bags must be checked.

Passengers aged 12 to 25 years old are entitled to one personal item (max. 25 lbs. and 17 x 6 x 13 in.) and two large items (max. 50 lbs. and 62 linear in.) each. One additional item up to 50 lbs. (22.6 kg) is allowed, for a fee of $40 (per direction, tax included).

Checked luggage allowance includes two large items (max. 50 lbs. and 62 linear inches). Checked baggage service is available at some stations and on a certain number of trains. Before traveling, make sure that this service is offered on your train. If offered, your baggage must be checked at least 45 minutes before your departure at terminal stations and 30 minutes at intermediate stations.

Rocky Mountaineer:

Travelers are allowed to bring two suitcases per person (total weight not to exceed 66 lbs or 29.9 kg) of checked luggage. No one piece of luggage may weigh more than 50 lbs (22.6 kg). All baggage or articles are accepted and transported subject to Rocky Mountaineer’s luggage policy. Oversized items (i.e. sports equipment), may be subject to a surcharge. Please refer to your travel documents.

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