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The Mount Pilatus Railway

A visit to Mount Pilatus is a must-do day-trip while in and around the Lucerne area. The journey itself is fascinating and a real adventure; as it is comprised of several different forms of transport.

A red train descends the mountain on a sunny day
A cog railway with train travelling up the mountain

The World’s Steepest Cog Railway


The first leg is a paddle steamer from Lucerne to Alpnachstad, from where the engineering masterpieces that are the cogwheel trains ascend to the top of Pilatus – an amazing 2132 metres above sea level. These trains are very frequent and have one class of travel only so no reservations are necessary.  For the descent, prepare for breathtaking views from the combination of a cable-car and gondola down to Kriens, followed by a short 15-minute bus journey back to Lucerne. Whilst not quite “planes, trains, and automobiles”, this adventurous trip combines different forms of transport with Switzerland’s stunning natural beauty and is a real “bucket-list” trip when visiting Switzerland.

Views of Mount Pilatus


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