Couple Celebrate Their Anniversary by Taking a 16-Day European Train Journey

Experiences / Famous Trains / Travel Guides / Travel Inspiration / Travel Planning | June 6, 2019

Anniversaries are important milestones. And we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the special occasion than to pack a suitcase and explore the world together by train.

An anniversary trip—regardless of how many years or decades have gone by since you both said, “I do”—is the perfect time to experience new destinations and unforgettable moments.

Recently, Jennifer and her husband Eugene traveled with us on a train journey to commemorate their anniversary after reading that Railbookers was the best, easiest way to see Europe.

Their trip began in London with a visit to the London Eye and a hop-on, hop-off sightseeing tour of the city before catching Eurostar directly to Paris. Once they arrived in the City of Light, they used their Paris Pass to experience the city’s most popular attractions and tours, such as Notre Dame Cathedral. While in Paris, Jennifer and Eugene also took the opportunity to embark on a sightseeing dinner cruise along the Seine River and took in views of the city from the summit of the Eiffel Tower.

Onboard Train Jennifer Webster

Next, they boarded a direct train from Paris to Geneva and took in the top sights with a city tour. Then, it was on to Venice, Italy, for a gondola tour along the iconic canals and a walking tour of Doge’s Palace and the Basilica.

To wrap up their 16-day European train journey, they spent three nights in Rome exploring its monuments, churches and restored ruins.

Follow along as Jennifer shares her thoughts on what it was like to travel on a train vacation to Europe with Railbookers to celebrate their anniversary.

Tell us your thoughts on planning your trips with Railbookers
I found that planning our trip through Railbookers was so easy. I loved that they were willing to completely customize this trip to what we were looking for. I couldn’t find an exact itinerary that worked for us, so they listened to my thoughts and changed it to accommodate us.

What was your experience like onboard the train(s) during your journey?
We absolutely loved our train trips! It is so much easier than flying. We didn’t have to waste hours checking into airports. The trains are so comfortable and relaxing. We definitely enjoyed first class seating. We loved being able to look at the scenery while we were onboard. We even enjoyed some wonderful meals while traveling.

Most scenic/memorable part of the trip?
Every part of our trip was amazing. Each place was so different and there was so much to see! It would be hard to pick the “best” part of our trip. As we look back, we are so grateful be able to see Notre Dame as it burned just a few weeks after our trip.

What do you think others would enjoy about the trip you took with Railbookers?
Using Railbookers made it so easy to experience so many different areas and see so many beautiful landmarks all in one trip! It truly was a trip of a lifetime! We are sure others would feel the same.

Was there anything that you wish you’d known before your train journey?
Railbookers really helped us feel prepared for our trip. Any questions that we had they were able to answer. We had never used any train systems as we are in a very rural area in Vermont that has no public transportation. This was a completely new experience for us and they made it very easy.

Do you have any advice/tips for someone thinking about booking this itinerary?
The only advice that we have for others that are thinking about booking a rail trip is to do it! Don’t wait. It’s was a fabulous journey that we will never forget. You will not regret it!

How did you prepare your luggage for travel?
I spent a bit of time online researching the temperatures and weather for all the areas that we were going to. We had decided that we were only going to bring one sturdy suitcase each that we could manage on our own. It worked perfectly.

Do you plan on taking another train trip in the future? Where to?
We will definitely take another train trip in the near future except this time we are taking our entire family! We want to see Ireland and Scotland and we would also like to go back experience more of Italy. We are looking forward to it!