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Amsterdam, Cologne, Luxembourg & the Mosel Valley

Uncategorized | August 15, 2011

I had a hectic schedule for this trip, beginning with a 7:30 Eurostar from London and a follow on Thalys at 11:50 to Amsterdam. The Thalys train shortens the journey to Amsterdam by an hour and in my experience it is certainly worth the additional cost. Not only do you arrive in Amsterdam faster, but the train is very comfortable. The cost of an upgrade to first is also very affordable, and comes with lounge access (after signing up for a free membership) and a meal.

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First Class Adventures in Europe!

Uncategorized | November 9, 2010

On a recent trip to Amsterdam via Belgium, I decided to live a little and splash some cash on first class travel for my Thalys connections from Belgium to Amsterdam. So off I set on the Eurostar to Brussels, and with a short wait in the exclusive Thalys Lounge at Gare Du Midi in Brussels, soon I was being ushered off to my platform keen to experience first class travel.

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