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The Train is the Star in These 6 Famous Movies

The Train is the Star in These 6 Famous Movies

Austria / France / India / Italy / Orient-Express / Paris / rail vacation / train vacation / USA / Venice Simplon-Orient-Express / Vienna / Western Europe | March 16, 2018

For as long as we’ve been making movies, we’ve been telling stories with trains. From the birth of cinema with The Great Train Robbery in 1903 to modern cult classics such as Snowpiercer and Source Code, there’s something about trains and train journeys in film that keep our eyes transfixed on the silver screen. Pop some popcorn and take a look at a few of our favorite train films, then see how Railbookers can help you recreate these incredible journeys for yourself.

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The Golden Chariot

Golden Chariot / Hampi / India / Mumbai | July 18, 2014

Flying with British Airways from London to Mumbai on the daytime flight meant I could see four movies that were on my to see list, so the flight passed quickly! The arrival into Mumbai at half past midnight was not what I had expected though as the airport was in chaos. We had landed at the new Terminal 2 at Mumbai airport, which had opened just two days before. The wait to pass through immigration was 45 minutes but thankfully the new terminal’s air conditioning was working a treat!

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India - Elephants and Roundabouts

Delhi / India / Jaipur / Maharajas’ Express | February 4, 2014

We arrived in Delhi at a very ungodly hour. Once the interminable wait for luggage and passport and visa formalities had been concluded, the first thing that struck me was how busy the arrivals area was – even at 4am! We had a transfer booked to take us to our hotel, and waiting for the car we were struck by how many people (and dogs – not the last animals we would meet on the trip) there were waiting outside.

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The Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Delhi / India / Jaipur / Royal Rajasthan on Wheels / Varanasi | January 17, 2014

I recently had the opportunity to explore India aboard the Royal Rajasthan On Wheels, a deluxe train that travels some 3513 kilometres in a loop from Delhi through Rajasthan. Flying overnight on the British Airways flight from Heathrow saw me arrive into Delhi at 10.45 in the morning, after a fitful sleep onboard, and I was met at the airport and driven to the Imperial Hotel.

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The Greatest of Trains

India / Maharajas’ Express / Mumbai | December 5, 2013

I recently returned from discovering the holy grail of trains. A sleeper train which is so comfortable a night’s sleep is as good as in any hotel (well, almost). A sleeper train where a private cabin is big enough to not just swing a cat, but wrestle a tiger and the ensuite facilities are not hidden in a cupboard. A train where the food onboard is some of the best local cuisine you can ever taste.

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