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Carnival in Cologne - The crazy days

Uncategorized | February 3, 2016

Yes, we do call this the fifth season and no, we don’t mean this ironically at all. The folly starts on 11/11 at 11:11 o’clock with performances of traditional musicians and the Kölner Dreigestirn. Don’t forget to dress up; otherwise you will have to explain to strangers why you didn’t and trust me, people won’t accept excuses.

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SEO and the Art'otel Cologne

Uncategorized | October 31, 2013

On my recent trip to Cologne I was lucky enough to be shown around a variety of different hotels all with their own merits and selling points. One hotel however particularly stood out and left an impression on me. This was the trendy and indisputably quirky Art’otel.

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A Journey to Cologne

Uncategorized | September 14, 2011

Leaving London on a Sunday to head to Cologne, I really should have heeded Railbookers advice and checked the Transport for London website to see if the tubes were running; OK, I didn’t and they weren’t! All was not lost as I was just doing the short hop from the city to St Pancras International, so I jumped in a cab but if I was travelling from further afield, perhaps I would have been more anxious!

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Amsterdam, Cologne, Luxembourg & the Mosel Valley

Uncategorized | August 15, 2011

I had a hectic schedule for this trip, beginning with a 7:30 Eurostar from London and a follow on Thalys at 11:50 to Amsterdam. The Thalys train shortens the journey to Amsterdam by an hour and in my experience it is certainly worth the additional cost. Not only do you arrive in Amsterdam faster, but the train is very comfortable. The cost of an upgrade to first is also very affordable, and comes with lounge access (after signing up for a free membership) and a meal.

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