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5 Must-Reads for Your Next Train Journey

5 Must-Reads for Your Next Train Journey

Uncategorized | February 2, 2018

There’s no better way to travel the world than by train, and there’s no better companion for an incredible rail vacation than a good book. Take the scenic route and lose yourself between the pages of these five must-read novels aboard your next Railbookers journey.

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A Day Trip to Luxembourg

Uncategorized | March 4, 2016

Relatively small and unknown, Luxembourg City is definitely one of the most underrated gems in Europe. The capital of Luxembourg is perfectly situated in close proximity to metropolises like Brussels and Cologne and is easily accessible by rail or air. Now, I would not go as far as describing this picturesque town with approximately 100,000 inhabitants as a cosmopolitan hub, but it is certainly worth having a look around.

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Freiburg – Underrated beauty in the Black Forest

Uncategorized | December 18, 2015

If you think about taking a trip to a German city, there are a few places that probably automatically come to mind: Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne; the big, cosmopolitan cities with the mundane flair. For most people, Freiburg doesn’t seem to belong on that list; it is often seen as a nice place where you stop overnight on your way to a destination that isn’t the hub of the stunning Breisgau region.

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A day in Paris

Uncategorized | November 29, 2015

On a gloriously sunny Thursday morning my colleague and I set out to explore the delights of Paris. After arriving late the night before we were eager to enjoy a typical French breakfast before setting out on our fascinating journey of discovery. To begin we boarded a bus tour which whisked us away around the northern side of the city centre before crisscrossing the Seine as we wound our way through the marvel that is Paris. On our travels we were able to view the gold statues of the Palais Garnier – inspired setting for the Phantom of the Opera, the mix of new and old that is the Louvre pyramid and surrounding palace, the beautifully restored Notre-Dame Cathedral and the “oldest rock in Paris” being the ancient Egyptian obelisk. Following this we went for a cruise down the beautiful tree lined Champs Elysees before our intrepid driver gingerly eased his way around the insurance “black spot” that is the roundabout of the Arc de Triomphe, providing us a grand view of this monument beautifully lit by the morning sun. As we finished up our trip at the base of the Eiffel tower we gathered our tickets, skipping the line to venture all of the way up this iron wonder to the top platform overlooking the city, revelling in the view as we snapped off a few pictures for posterity. After a quieter afternoon we took the surprisingly efficient Metro on our way to visiting the Sacre Coeur Basilica by night, delighting in the grand views over Paris. We ventured inside only to be filled with awe at both the ancient architecture and the nuns beautifully harmonized song during that night’s service, the perfect way to end our day’s sights before returning home the next day.

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One sunny day in Lille

Uncategorized | November 11, 2015

I felt extremely privileged having been gifted the opportunity to spend a day of work familiarising myself with the often less well know city of Lille. Perched right on the French Belgian border, the city that in 2004 had bestowed upon it, perhaps the most befitting accolade, of becoming the European capital of culture.

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