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The Netherlands is a small country with huge importance in the history of Western Europe. Over fifty percent of its landmass is less than three feet above sea level which creates a distinctive landscape of low-lying fields, dykes, locks, bikes, boats and windmills. Cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht are equally distinctive, often featuring a central network of canals lined with gabled houses. Discover historic city centres threaded through with picturesque canals, beautiful gardens featuring carpets of flowers and friendly bars where you can enjoy a Grolsch with the traditional accompaniment of Bitterballen.

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Historically a fishing village, and now the Netherland’s vibrant, canal-woven capital, Amsterdam is attractive, vibrant and multifaceted. Boasting one of the largest historic centers in Europe, a lively ambience and quaint natural beauty around its sparkling waterways...



Intersected by canals and tree-lined quays, Leiden lies in the Dutch province of South Holland, and boasts what can only be described as a ‘quintessentially Dutch’ city center. Popular as the gateway to the myriad colors and impressive blooms of the world famous...



Rotterdam is a huge port on the North Sea and the Netherlands’ second largest city with a wealth of ultra-modern architecture. After being leveled in World War II, Rotterdam has been rebuilt to incorporate its shipping history; remnants of which can be discovered in...


The Hague

Located on the North Sea coast of the western Netherlands, The Hague was founded when the Count of Holland purchased land next to a pond to build a hunting residence. This pond is now the beautiful Hofvijver and the site of the hunting residence is now the Parliament...



Utrecht’s vistas are defined by canal-side terraces, 13th-century canal wharves and a medieval Dom church. Details and architecture of its ancient center dates back to the early middle-ages, and the city abounds with museums and architecture that only further...