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VIA Rail Vacations: All You Need to Know

Why Travel with VIA Rail Vacations by Railbookers?

Imagine an adventure that begins the moment you board the train.

Leave the city behind and glide past prairie fields, rugged lake country and picturesque towns to the snowy peaks of the majestic Rockies. VIA Rail brings you the breathtaking Canadian landscapes you would never see any other way. Travel with ease, comfort and exceptional service.

What you’ll experience onboard will remain with you long after the journey ends.

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Prestige Class

VIA Rail’s Prestige Sleeper class provides travelers with an unforgettable rail experience.

Linking Toronto and Vancouver, the Canadian is one of the world’s most renowned trains. When you choose to travel in Prestige Class, you’ll enjoy all the refinement of VIA Rail, not to mention the grandeur of Canada’s natural splendors.

Exclusive Benefits

• Personalized dedicated Prestige Concierge service

• Spacious, comfortable and luxurious Prestige Sleeper cabins

• All-inclusive bar service

• Priority access to the following: reservations in the dining car, call center, and checked baggage

• Access to the Prestige Park, Skyline and Panorama cars

Benefits of Traveling Onboard VIA Rail

Breathtaking Views

Whether from the comfort of your cabin or from the scenic dome car, you’ll discover why VIA Rail is called Canada’s best window.

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Relaxing Environment

With spacious seats, superior sleeper cabins and elegant lounges, you’ll have everything you need to relax and enjoy the ride.

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Culinary Delights

Enjoy freshly prepared meals that showcase Canadian cuisine and exquisite regional specialties.

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Upgrade Your Experience

Take advantage of the simple elegance and premium comfort of Prestige class, with all-inclusive meal and bar service, as well as personalized concierge service.

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Luggage Allowance

In Economy Class, you’re allowed one Personal item and one large item or two small items. For Sleeper Plus/Prestige Class, you’re allowed a personal item and two small items per cabin. Checked baggage guidelines are two large checked items at a maximum weight of 50 pounds.

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Facilities and Services

VIA Rail features accessibility for disabled persons, free Wi-Fi access and onboard entertainment, and spacious, comfortable seating.

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The Onboard Experience

Sleeper Plus on The Canadian

The Sleeper Plus experience on The Canadian includes of a range of comfortable accommodations, showers, freshly prepared meals, access to multiple dome cars and a range of activities including wine tastings and interactive talks.

Travel in comfort with sleeper trains

Sleeper Plus on The Ocean

When you upgrade to Sleeper Plus on The Ocean, you'll experience comfortable accommodations, private showers, Atlantic-inspired meals, and access to the domed Park Car.


In Prestige Class, you'll take advantage of the best amenities available on The Canadian. From larger rooms with a private shower, personalized concierge service, exclusive access to dome car seating, and all-inclusive meals and drinks.