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The Battlefields of Flanders

Belgium / Ypres | June 11, 2012

Even for non-experts like me, signs such as ‘Menin’, ‘Passendale’ and ‘Ieper’ made it clear that, as we drove towards the last of these three destinations, we were heading for an area now intrinsically linked with the Great War and the battles which took place here nearly a hundred years ago. I had never been to this part of Flanders before and I think I was expecting more obvious signs of what had happened here.

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Ypres, Aachen and Cologne

Belgium / Germany / Ypres | July 27, 2009

Our trip to Ypres began with the short journey to Brussels from London St Pancras. The high speed Eurostar shot through the Kentish countryside towards the tunnel, and into Brussels in just 1 hour 51 minutes. On arrival in Brussels we took advantage of the free connection to any Belgian station as we settled back in our seats for the journey through to Ypres.

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