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Eastern European Explorer

Kiev / Overnight Trains / Poland / Ukraine / Warsaw | September 10, 2013

When I bragged to my beach-obsessed family that I was planning a late summer holiday in Ukraine, I encountered reactions that ranged from skeptical stares to disbelief. “That’s where they used to send naughty capitalists!” they exclaimed. Tack on the fact that my husband and I would be travelling by train from Warsaw, and they were pretty much gobsmacked.

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Lvov, Kiev and Chernobyl

Kiev / Lvov / Ukraine | March 1, 2013

If, like me, you enjoy exploring countries which are slightly off the beaten track and where counting the amount of other tourists you spot can be an entertaining game (!), then I would thoroughly recommend a trip to the Ukraine. The country has a reputation for being a bit of a stern place, but on a recent trip there I found that this huge country with great contrasts is an enjoyable place for a break.

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