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Easter – water, whipping and worshipping

Czech Republic / Florence / Germany / Ireland / Italy / Netherlands / New Zealand / Rome / Slovakia | March 18, 2016

Easter is coming and we are all excited for various reasons. Some because of the religious ceremonies, some because it is a sign that spring is finally here (theoretically speaking at least) and some because of chocolaty Easter eggs. Besides the resurrection of Jesus Christ, most of us connect Easter with delicious food, egg rolling, the Easter Bunny and painting eggs or buying sweet ones to hide for the children (and those who are still kids deep inside).

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Slovak Explorer (Part 2)

Bratislava / Kosice / Slovakia | October 8, 2010

The next day saw me head off east to Ukraine to check out the border crossing for future Railbookers customers! The local train from Kosice to Cierna Nad Tisou was pure retro, and not a nice retro! It was comfortable enough but the graffiti ridden exterior is not a good advert for rail travel. After two hours I reached Cierna, the last station in Slovakia, and changed onto a one-carriage train to take me over the border to Chop in Ukraine.

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