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Leap Day – The exception to the rule

Greece / Ireland / Russia | February 28, 2016

While the Italian proverb ‘anno bisesto, anno funesto’ (meaning ‘leap year, doom year’) is rather negative about having an extra day this year again, we will keep our optimism and say: at least we’ve got another day to (not) pursue our New Year’s resolutions (let’s take a moment to appreciate my genuine optimism there). Am I right?

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A Gourmand’s Travels through Russia

Moscow / Russia | December 20, 2011

For every trip – there’s an inspiration, often springing from the most mundane places. In this case, a couple of USSR postcards hidden away in a souvenir box worked their magic – and here I am, in the footsteps of my mother and aunt heading to the ultimate tourist destination of Socialist times: Russia.

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