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9 Canadian Cities to See by Train

9 Canadian Cities to See by Train

Canada / Food / Overnight Trains / Photography / Rail Travel / rail vacation / Train Travel / train vacation / Uncategorized / Vacations | April 9, 2018

Full of natural wonder, vibrant cities, and the most coastline of any country on Earth, Canada is certainly captivating-and large. With so much amazing area to cover, traveling by train is the best way to see it all in comfort and style. And whether you start your journey in the west or the east, rich culture, stunning scenery, and electric city life come standard on every rail vacation to Canada with Railbookers.

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Sleeping En Route to my New Favorite City

City Night Line / Copenhagen / Denmark / Overnight Trains | August 20, 2014

This blog documents the best work trip imaginable to Copenhagen, to one of the loveliest, friendliest, cleanest and happiest cities imaginable. Our journey started in St Pancras station with pastries and a thick, delicious cup of the best hot chocolate in London (it really is that good!), from Peyton & Byrne, only moments away from the Eurostar terminal.

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Eastern European Explorer

Kiev / Overnight Trains / Poland / Ukraine / Warsaw | September 10, 2013

When I bragged to my beach-obsessed family that I was planning a late summer holiday in Ukraine, I encountered reactions that ranged from skeptical stares to disbelief. “That’s where they used to send naughty capitalists!” they exclaimed. Tack on the fact that my husband and I would be travelling by train from Warsaw, and they were pretty much gobsmacked.

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Marrakech Express - London to Marrakech by Train - Part 1

Morocco / Overnight Trains | May 13, 2010

Upon leaving the grandeur of London St Pancras one busy Friday afternoon, the epic nature of my adventure began to dawn on me. As usual, Eurostar whisked me away through the Kent countryside and into Paris, then I made the easy metro transfer on line 5 to Gare d’Austerlitz. This all seemed fairly straightforward, but was simply the hors d’oeuvres for what was to come.

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