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Easter – water, whipping and worshipping

Czech Republic / Florence / Germany / Ireland / Italy / Netherlands / New Zealand / Rome / Slovakia | March 18, 2016

Easter is coming and we are all excited for various reasons. Some because of the religious ceremonies, some because it is a sign that spring is finally here (theoretically speaking at least) and some because of chocolaty Easter eggs. Besides the resurrection of Jesus Christ, most of us connect Easter with delicious food, egg rolling, the Easter Bunny and painting eggs or buying sweet ones to hide for the children (and those who are still kids deep inside).

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Keukenhof - A Bollywood Dream Come True

Keukenhof / Leiden / Netherlands | June 10, 2014

The first time I saw fields of tulips was in a Bollywood movie in the early 90s and I have wanted to visit the tulip fields of Keukenhof ever since. Over a decade later I finally got to make this wish come true recently. Oh, how I dreamt of recreating the scene from the movie where the heroine runs through the field of tulips into the arms of her beloved with a Bollywood number playing in the background.

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The Hague by Bicycle

Netherlands / The Hague | November 20, 2013

“Do you want a typical Dutch bicycle experience?” I was asked by a guide named Danny at Lola Bikes & Coffee in The Hague. “Sure,” I answered, eyeing dozens of colourful new cycles parked in the courtyard, secretly hoping I’d be allocated the sleek wooden framed bicycle locked directly outside. “Then I have just the thing for you” said Danny and went back into the store.

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Walking Through Amsterdam

Amsterdam / Netherlands | October 31, 2013

After a five-year break from Amsterdam, I was very excited to return for a more civilized stay in the city. During my previous journey I had opted to fly as I wasn’t aware of the great train connections to Amsterdam from London, with the Eurostar and Thalys service. I was pleasantly surprised with the journey and was grateful that I only had to be there half an hour before checking in at St Pancras, rather than a soul destroying two-hour check in at my local airport!

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Amsterdam by train from London

Amsterdam / Netherlands | June 11, 2012

Amsterdam is a city built around its people, in fact the tourist board slogan is I Amsterdam. It doesn’t have an Eiffel Tower, an Empire State Building or a Shard to capture people’s attention (it may be thankful of the latter). What it does have is a free spirit, an undying pride in its civil liberties; a great heritage and community, all of which combine to provide an atmosphere that make it one of the most unique cities of the world.

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Amsterdam, Cologne, Luxembourg & the Mosel Valley

Amsterdam / Cologne / Deutsche Bahn / Eurostar / Germany / Luxembourg City / Netherlands / Thalys | August 15, 2011

I had a hectic schedule for this trip, beginning with a 7:30 Eurostar from London and a follow on Thalys at 11:50 to Amsterdam. The Thalys train shortens the journey to Amsterdam by an hour and in my experience it is certainly worth the additional cost. Not only do you arrive in Amsterdam faster, but the train is very comfortable. The cost of an upgrade to first is also very affordable, and comes with lounge access (after signing up for a free membership) and a meal.

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