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Top 6 Scenic Swiss Rail Journeys

Bern / Bernina Express / Geneva / Glacier Express / Golden Pass / Interlaken / Jungfrau / Jura / Lucerne / Switzerland / Train Travel / Uncategorized / Zurich | July 15, 2016

If there’s one country in the world that boasts the most scenic rail journeys, it has to be Switzerland! We love the variety – shimmering white peaks, green pastures, sparkling lakes, towering viaducts – Switzerland has it all! With so many different journeys to take, we often get asked which we recommend, so here’s our shortlist for those that our customers love time and time again.

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Golden Pass

Golden Pass / Interlaken / Lucerne / Switzerland | September 6, 2013

The Golden Pass is the scenic rail line connecting Lucerne to Montreux, providing a great taste of Switzerland’s beautiful lakes and mountains. My journey started in Lucerne and whilst I was sad to be leaving behind this unique city, which really has it all with beautiful Lake Lucerne on one side with the mountains on the other, this was just the start of the breathtaking scenery that was ahead of me.

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