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One sunny day in Lille

France / Lille | November 11, 2015

I felt extremely privileged having been gifted the opportunity to spend a day of work familiarising myself with the often less well know city of Lille. Perched right on the French Belgian border, the city that in 2004 had bestowed upon it, perhaps the most befitting accolade, of becoming the European capital of culture.

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Lille; there's more than meets the eye

France / Lille | December 20, 2011

Earlier on this year I went to spend some time in Lille with the primary objective of familiarising myself with the accommodation that Railbookers has to offer. What this entailed essentially was dashing from hotel to hotel on a whistle stop tour of the city, without having a chance to soak up the history, culture and architecture that Lille is so heavily steeped in. So I was most appreciative when I was asked to attend a cultural familiarity day.

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How to make the journey part of the holiday

France / Lille | December 19, 2011

It’s always tricky planning a trip when you live that little bit further away from the main international connections as it makes the journey seem so much longer. So we thought, why not break up the journey and stop off en route? Good plan!! Whether north of England to the south of France or vice versa, a stopover makes sense and makes the journey part of the adventure!

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