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Leap Day – The exception to the rule

Greece / Ireland / Russia | February 28, 2016

While the Italian proverb ‘anno bisesto, anno funesto’ (meaning ‘leap year, doom year’) is rather negative about having an extra day this year again, we will keep our optimism and say: at least we’ve got another day to (not) pursue our New Year’s resolutions (let’s take a moment to appreciate my genuine optimism there). Am I right?

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Crete to London by Train and Ferry

Greece / Italy / Rome / Switzerland / Zurich | February 11, 2010

After an epic but enjoyable journey by train from London to Athens I took the ferry to the island of Crete where my mother and stepfather have settled in the picturesque hamlet of Houmeriakos. Before I knew it my week was up, I boarded the high speed ferry at Heraklion to begin my long journey home by ferry and train to London.

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Thessaloniki to Istanbul – The Friendship Express

Greece / Istanbul / Thessaloniki / Turkey | January 22, 2010

Following on from my late running journey to Thessaloniki, I was left with just 3 hours until my next train left for Istanbul at 19:00. I was due to travel on the “Filia-Dostluk Express” to Istanbul, the name meaning Friendship in both, Greek and Turkish, languages. Whilst I hoped the name indicated a friendly on board service I wondered if it had a more political meaning considering the past tensions between the countries.

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London to Athens by Train

Balkans / Greece | January 20, 2010

What better way to come to terms with turning 30, I thought, than spending the best part of 3 weeks travelling alone through Europe by train. So off I headed to Athens, on the way to Crete (home of my mother and stepfather) just a couple of days after my birthday celebrations, armed with a good book, a handful of tickets and the hope of some late November sun!

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Belgrade to Thessaloniki by Train

Balkans / Belgrade / Greece / Macedonia / Serbia / Thessaloniki | January 11, 2010

After spending a day exploring Belgrade (I recommend a trip to the fort that stands guard over the city, for views across the Danube & Sava Rivers and the plains beyond) it was time to attempt the Belgrade to Istanbul journey by train. After doing my research I decided upon the slightly unusual and not generally recommended route via Thessaloniki. Why was this route not recommended? I was ready to find out.

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