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Easter & Oriental Express

Discover 3 of the Best Luxury Trains in the World

Discover 3 of the Best Luxury Trains in the World

Belmond Royal Scotsman / Easter & Oriental Express / Venice Simplon-Orient-Express | February 21, 2018

What makes a luxury train journey such a memorable, bucket-list worthy experience? Some would say the opportunity to step back in time to an era when rail travel was the epitome of decadence, luxury and romance. Or the experience of relaxing in style on a moving 5-star hotel as it glides through incredible landscapes and world-class cities, complete with luxury accommodations, personalized service, world-class cuisine, and all the finest amenities. The following 3 luxury trains regularly rank among the best in the world, offering travelers an immersive education in the finer things in life. Discover the true definition of ‘slow travel’ with these luxury train experiences!

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