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Rain Sun Cobbles, Belgium

Belgium / Bruges / Brussels / Ghent | November 13, 2015

Synonymous with Brussels is the truly astonishing Grand Place, it is quite literally breathtaking, one of Europe’s most spectacular architectural triumphs, if not one of the most famous. Our accommodation was at the wonderful 4* family run Leopold Hotel, just a short 15-20 minute walk through the picturesque Brussels park  from the Central rail station.

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Four days in Belguim

Belgium / Bruges / Brussels / Eurostar / Ghent | October 1, 2015

Not many jobs will pay you to go on holiday and stay in some of the nicest hotels Europe has to offer. But that’s exactly what was asked of me in my third week of working for Railbookers. My adventure started on a morning Eurostar from London St Pancras International to Lille in northern France.

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Destination Belgium

Belgium / Bruges / Brussels / Ghent | June 16, 2014

The Eurostar departed promptly from London St Pancras at 08.04 am. We raced through France, briefly stopping in Lille before arriving in Brussels at 11.05. After changing trains we had a short wait before we were on our way to Bruges. The sun shining gloriously made for a striking journey as we cruised through the Belgian countryside.

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Winter in Belgium

Belgium / Bruges / Brussels / Eurostar | February 3, 2014

My first ever experience of Belgium, and I was definitely not disappointed. Arriving by rail made it so much more enjoyable. Eurostar itself may be ready for a make over. However, not having to arrive an hour before departure, face the numerous security and bag measuring checks you now have to undertake at an airport was brilliant.

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Discovering Ghent

Belgium / Brussels / Ghent | September 19, 2013

The 08:52 Eurostar leaves St Pancras, Brussels bound, on time and full of an eclectic mixture of suited businessmen and excited international tourists. Although I am a tourist, it will not be my first visit to Belgium’s capital and so with dreams of the familiar crunch of sugared waffles – so close I can almost smell them! – I drift off as the train glides through the rainy English countryside before dipping under the channel, escorting us to the continent.

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Re-visiting Brussels

Belgium / Brussels | July 31, 2013

My last visit to Brussels had been as a teenager on a college trip, when we were shown around the European Parliament building. Whilst the building was impressive, being a teenager with no interest in politics at that time, Brussels did not make a great impression on me. So going back for the first time since then and as an adult I felt a little anxious as I boarded the Eurostar to start my journey – anxious to find out if the memories of a teenager had any merit. Is there more to Brussels?

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700 Years of History in Flanders

Antwerp / Belgium / Brussels | March 25, 2013

My wife Tiina and I really made the most of our time in Flanders; I had not been since childhood and Tiina only knew Brussels from one short visit. I am so glad that we could at least glimpse at 700 years of history during our weekend, starting before Rubens and finishing with MAS. Of course there was much we missed and which will tempt us back before long. The Diamond Museum and the Fine Arts one will surely draw the crowds as MAS has done.

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