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Luxury Yachts and Celebrity Spotting

Avignon / Cannes / France / Nice | January 17, 2014

I have always loved visiting France, after spending most of my childhood summers travelling to various campsites along the Riviera. I wasn’t lucky enough to experience the Eurostar then, but this certainly would have made the journey far more comfortable and relaxing for my family who were all crammed into a car! My recent visit was a tranquil one, visiting three very different cities in the south of France: Nice, Cannes and Avignon.

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A Journey Through Europe's Most Beautiful Regions (Part 2)

Avignon / Eurostar / France / Italy / Nice | October 7, 2010

Milan to Nice Knowing that the train trip today would be the longest of our trip, we headed to the station a bit early in order to stock up on sandwiches, drinks, magazines and newspapers. We departed Milan shortly after breakfast and soon realised how lucky we were to have a seat reservation as the train was completely full. We anyway headed south west, through the Italian countryside towards the mountains and onwards to the Mediterranean.

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A Journey Through Europe's Most Beautiful Regions (part 1)

Avignon / Eurostar / France / Italy / Paris / Switzerland / Zurich | October 7, 2010

London to Paris Travelling on the Eurostar for me seemed like a normal thing to do. With business in Brussels, I had long become accustomed to the ease of avoiding air or ferry travel to the Continent. When boarding the Eurostar almost a fortnight ago, I therefore did not expect anything different. How wrong I was.

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