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The Overlander: Auckland to Wellington

Auckland / New Zealand / Wellington | April 4, 2012

When people have talked about their travel experiences of New Zealand, they’ve always mentioned travelling by car. However, being one of the most scenic countries in the world, the kiwis put a lot of effort into their railways. So I thought I’d give it a shot and not worry about the parking tickets, petrol, or looking after a car for a week – and first on the agenda was travelling North to South on the Overlander.

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New Zealand - North Island

Auckland / New Zealand | January 27, 2012

New Zealand has always been a country that I have wanted to visit, and so it was with no little anticipation that I arrived in Auckland in late November for a nine day holiday. Whilst nine days may seem like a long time, it’s impossible to see everything this beautiful country has to offer in that time- but you can certainly have fun trying.

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