Top 5 Romantic Holidays by Train

Uncategorized | July 27, 2016

What could be more romantic than a holiday by train? If you’ve got an anniversary, birthday or honeymoon coming up, couple your adventurous side with your starry-eyed love of dreamy scenery, convivial company and relaxing atmospheres on a blissful, relaxing experience you’ll both remember forever. Here are our top 5 picks for letting romance ride the rails…


Venice Simplon-Orient-Express from London to Venice

No list of romantic rail journeys would be complete without a mention of the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, linking London to the winding canals, artistic charm and backstreet trattorias of Venice. The journey itself winds through verdant British and French countryside before rolling past the imposing mountain passes of Switzerland and Austria, steaming through Verona and crossing the causeway to the banks of the Venetian Grand Canal.

The gorgeous Wagon-Lits carriages, the opulent dining cars, convivial piano bar and sumptuous sleeping compartments all make this the journey of a lifetime, not to mention the exquisite fine dining and first rate service, that truly hark back to the wonderful  ‘golden age of travel’! It’s certainly worth all the hype, there’s nothing for it but to experience it for yourself!

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Glacier and Bernina Express

This delightful pair comprise two of the most scenic train rides. Not just in Switzerland, not just in Europe, but in the world. Looking through the panoramic windows, everyday life melts away before your eyes, giving way to towering peaks, chocolate-box towns and miles of changing landscapes stretching out to the horizon.

On the Glacier Express, the narrow gauge train crawls through beautiful scenery and takes over seven blissful hours to cover 290km of track. It proudly touts its affectionate moniker ‘World slowest express train’ and indeed – why would you want to rush through scenery this good? From Glacier to the trademark red carriages of the Bernina Express, you’ll watch Swiss wonderlands take on a true Italian flair as you roll over 200 bridges along the UNESCO-listed tracks. Keep an eye out for the famous Landwasser Viaduct – it really is something special to behold.

From green pastures, sunlit fields and pretty flora in the summer months to an icy, Narnia-esque paradise in the winter , there’s really no bad time to travel and forget the rest of the world for a little while with the one you love (aw!).

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Glenfinnan Viaduct

Caledonian Sleeper to Ft William and Mallaig

We love a romantic ‘staycation’, especially when it looks like this. Topping countless lists of ‘Europe’s most scenic rail journey’, there’s no denying this journey is as picturesque as they come  – and it’s right on our doorsteps! It’s the perfect romantic mixture of adventure and comfort, with crisp white linen, comfortable beds and warm lounge bars serving up Scottish whiskies and haggis, tatties and neeps as you pull out of Euston in the late evening. Delicious cuisine as you glide along the tracks and settle down in a cosy compartment? What could be more romantic. Wake up the next morning what seems like a million miles away.

Truly, the scenery along this route is quite spectacular. The trainis known informally as the Deerstalker, and you’ll likely spot deer bounding away from the train, not to mention the true pleasure of waking up in the Scottish Highlands, sun streaming through your window and mountains and streams embroidering the landscapes as far as you can see. Complete the West Highland Line over the Glenfinnan Viaduct from the Harry Potter films and embrace the tranquility and beauty of the Highlands together!

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"The Madonna Verona, Piazza Delle Erbe"

Brenner Pass: Munich, Innsbruck and Verona 

Fair Verona, home to Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet, is surely one of the most celebrated cities when it comes to romance. From opera in the incredible Roman Arena to the 14th century Casa di Giulietta – Juliet’s balcony – the winding streets and historic architecture lend themselves to romantic charm quite spectacularly.

Travelling from Munich across Bavaria across stunning mountain scenery to the ski-town of Innsbruck provides a relaxing way to head towards Italy. Another train journey from Innsbruck to Verona will see you skirting over the verdant hills and snow dusted peaks of the Brenner Pass and tracing the banks of Lake Garda, and will ensure you don’t miss out on any element of the journey. Sit back, relax, pack a train picnic and let the train take the strain as you marvel at gorgeous Alpine scenery and think of the delicious Italian wine you’ll soon be indulging in in an umber-roofed, candle-lit trattoria. Bliss!

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Venetian gondolas at sunrise

Venice, Florence and Rome via the Swiss Alps

Thousands of years of culture, three iconic Italian gems, one truly romantic adventure. From the peaceful, winding canals of Venice to the artistic masterpieces and Tuscan delicacies of Florence and the illuminated fountains and the tangible history of Rome – what could be better? How about arriving, relaxed and refreshed, through the magical Swiss landscapes of the famous Gotthard Pass?

With a night over in Swiss treasure Lucerne, meander through Alpine ranges through the quaint villages of Switzerland’s heartland towards Italy. Glimpse the sunny shores and crystalline waters of Lake Lugano as you cross the border, before continuing on to Venezia. Sipping on a luminous Aperol Spritz on the sun-drenched banks of the Venetian lagoon without having to undergo an airport lounge or lengthy check-in process? Sounds good to us!


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