Seduced By Spain

Spain / Uncategorized | August 17, 2016

Follow Railbookers’ Operations and Customer Service Supervisor, Tom, as he travels through Spain by train, taking in Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Cordoba and Seville. Recreate his journey here!

Living in England, we really are lucky to have so many fantastic culturally diverse destinations on our doorstep. Having travelled extensively around Europe, Spain had never been a destination that really intrigued me. Last year, all that changed when, after recommendations from friends, I succumbed and decided to embrace a weekend break in Barcelona. I instantly fell in love with the city and was planning my second visit before leaving. This time around, for my second encounter, I decided to make the most of the trip and instead of just visiting one city, I was inspired to discover more of the Catalonian dream. What better way to do this than board the train and experience some Spanish city highlights for a week in July.

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

My adventure started by revisiting Barcelona for a relaxing couple of days, exploring the city and again getting lost in the winding streets of the Gothic Quarter! In my opinion, the great thing about Barcelona is that you can enjoy the best of both worlds; city and beach life. This is a great way to revitalise yourself, with a cool dip in the sea after the glowing rays of the summer sun.

Plaza de Cibeles at Dusk

All aboard the AVE train! The smooth, comfortable three hour journey  zoomed by and I finally arrived into the Spanish capital of Madrid. The Spanish really do take pride in their country, and this is marvellously apparent as you stroll through Madrid’s plazas. The city is very clean and the skies were a bright, bright blue throughout my entire trip. It was great to spend a couple of days seeing the architecture and enjoying the large expanses of preened gardens in the ‘Parque de Retiro’, where I enjoyed many an hours catching up with friends and watching the world go by.

Alhambra - iStock_000014815077XLarge

I then set off aboard the rails again, the journeys starting to become real highlights of my trip. My journey took me through Granada, which are equally full of historical charm. Granada was especially appealing with complementary tapas provided when purchasing Rioja. If there’s a better way to start the evening after a day wandering around Alhambra, I’d love to hear it! The Alhambra itself was a true gem, and something I cannot recommend enough!

Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba - iStock_000018163971Small

Next up: Cordoba! Cordoba is easy to fall in love with: a walled maze of streets lead to a river which framed the city with a picturesque azure ribbon. The back streets are laced with candle lit tables, the streets with an array of tapas restaurants as fine as any you’ll find. As a food lover, it was a hard decision choosing the right restaurant after getting tempted by the menus, around each and every corner.

Sunset on the Square of Spain

As I approached  the end of my visit my last stop was Seville. Surprisingly, it was definitely a case of saving the best to last; I loved Seville right from the start. Like the other cities I had visited in Spain, the architecture was also romantic and enjoyable to absorb. However, the contrast of the traditional buildings to the waffle-like structure of the ‘Metropol Parasol’, made the city so much more inspiring. It was delightful to find that the locals are so passionate about the city and  that they will happily chat and share knowledge of where to visit, whilst recommending a seductive glass of full bodied red wine.


Having thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Spain, I certainly intend to explore more of the country. Travelling via train was a convenient way to get a taster of the different cities. Not only did this ensure I had the maximum time in each city, but also let me enjoy the Spanish scenery en route. Perfect!


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